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Post production is available to treat images in order to enhance their colour, clean them up, colour balance or air brush in Photoshop. Prices start from £3 for basic editing and can go up to £10.

VIDEOGRAPHY Beautiful video montages are available in a variety of predefined styles which make use of your edited photographs. They are priced at £60 per video file and are made ready within 48 hours


Great photography depends on working with the right photographer

Great photography depends on working with the right photographer. Whether you need photos for a personal portfolio or for commercial reasons, it’s the skill of the photographer that makes the difference.

Photo Retouching by Photographer Free Angels

Lighting plays an important part of any photographic shoot, combined with the careful application of make-up from some of the finest brands available.

 For that fabulous style of quintessential studied grace, sheer beauty or a complete transformation, my retouching

The art of hair styling Sleek, glossy, well presented hair is essential when posing for glamour photography in London; only the most complimentary style to suit you will work well on film. It’s the job of a professional,
The best make-up artists When shooting a top class glamour photography portfolio, a professional make-up artist is as essential as the photographer. It’s the ability to create a look for each individual project that makes UK Glamour Photo-Video stand out.



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